“Rebecca has been a very effective career coach for me. Her sessions are not at all what I expected, and I say that in the most positive way....I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for career advice.” J.T., Senior Investment Analyst

“I have seen [Rebecca] coach people who are just starting out their careers as well as the leaders of an organization, all while achieving the goal of moving the company’s interests forward.” C.D. (LinkedIn recommendation)

“[Rebecca] has demonstrated a rare talent for helping peers assess their strengths, develop new skills, and think creatively about opportunities for professional growth. Rebecca brings an exceptional personal dedication to fostering a professional culture that supports the development of each individual’s talents.” S.D. (LinkedIn recommendation)


Work with me if you’re…


re-orienting your career within/towards esg and sustainability

I can help you re-craft your message, build your network and discover your new niche.

Exploring Change

Are you navigating a career change or facing a non-linear transition that feels risky, but very necessary? Do you need creative and emotional support to develop visibility and credibility in a new professional landscape?

Hitting the Wall(s)

Are you facing constant obstacles at work? Are you grappling with your own sense of permission (or lack thereof) to ask for what you really want, and need?

Overwhelmed and Overloaded

Are you overwhelmed by current responsibilities even though you’ve done all of this before? Are you looking for an energy boost and new inspiration?


Taking career and life risks -- from evolving as a leader, to navigating conflicts, to saying "Yes" to new opportunities, to setting boundaries, or any other step into the unknown -- can spark fear and anxiety. Sometimes that fear is strong enough to stop your own evolution, keeping you stuck and unfulfilled.

I know, I’ve been there. My own coach has helped me through many a transition or block.

I've coached executives through challenging interpersonal situations, improved communication and dynamics across leadership teams and functions, guided mid-career professionals in evolving beyond the boundaries of their roles and their perceived abilities, and helped junior professionals take the leap from support staff to specialist.

Hire me for:

  • A one-off hourly session

  • Packages of sessions