I’m Rebecca Jackson, the founder of FutureValue.

I can help you create and manage change in your professional life and your business. People come to me when they’re feeling stuck and when their businesses are facing challenges that necessitate fresh thinking.

With a career spanning two continents, multiple cities and several organizations, large and small, including nine years in an investment bank, I am a highly commercial, insightful, dynamic and adaptable leader with extensive experience in complex, multi-stakeholder environments.

As a consultant and advisor, I bring deep intellectual curiosity and emotional intelligence to my work. I drive and support change through strategic insight, an execution focus and coaching skills. My style combines candor with compassion, helping me easily building trust and rapport.

I quickly assess new situations from various perspectives, effectively assimilating and synthesizing information to identify strategic and tactical opportunities, and potential obstacles. My natural creativity and interest in future trends help my clients plan for long-term strategic success.

My most recent corporate role was as Chief Operating Officer of an investment management firm specializing in Sustainable, Responsible, Impact (SRI) Investing, and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integration with ~$1BN in assets under management/administration. In this role I wore multiple hats including assuming leadership of Business Development & Marketing and Shareholder Advocacy following restructure, contributing to thought leadership and research of emerging issues, and speaking at industry conferences on behalf of the company.

I hold the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board FSA accreditation and am trained in GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI).

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Question assumptions: Painful as it may be, going back to basics may uncover factors that are no longer relevant to future decisions. Dig down upfront to save time later.

Challenge perspectives: We often block off potential avenues by not exploring our own resistances and testing old thinking patterns.

Explore emerging themes: The world is changing, and fast. If you’re too busy buried in your to-do list, you might be missing opportunities. I love grappling with complexity.

Identify what’s important: I’ve met too many businesses trying to be “Amazon for everything” before they succeed at “Amazon for books.” Strategy is about saying “No” as much as anything else.

Tackle the tough stuff: Sometimes what’s important is also hard — but, if you don’t face the hard things expediently they generally just get harder.