“Rebecca is someone that you want in your business.” -- M.D. (LinkedIn recommendation)

“Rebecca possesses the rare gift of being able to combine strategic and operational thinking with inspirational leadership.” -- C.D. (LinkedIn recommendation)

“Rebecca's strengths lie in her creative approach to strategic planning and driving objectives. She has a keen ability to assimilate and present complex data in an impactful way, thereby enabling her to influence and persuade a broad spectrum of people, and she teams this with a natural ability to build trust and an easy rapport with clients and colleagues alike.” V.K. (LinkedIn recommendation)

You can’t hide from ever accelerating technological change. Nor can you ignore the effects of interacting mega-trends such as natural resource scarcity, climate change, demographic shifts. But, while uncertainty can create fear and paralysis it can also catalyze creativity, innovation and differentiation.


Work with me if you need to…


Future proof your strategy

Are you integrating forward-looking trends into your business to ensure long-term success? Are you thinking about the less obvious competitive threats? Have you implemented ESG and sustainability?

LOSe the lethargy

Is your business stagnating? Are you failing to grow, losing more clients than you’re winning, and limping along? Do you need a partner to help you re-energize?

overhaul your operating platform

Are your operations struggling under the pressures of your growth plans? Does the thought of re-engineering your technology and processes fill you with fear?

magnetize your message & de-mystify the jargon

Are you missing magic in your investor story or your outward messaging? Are you failing to attract the right partners, capital and customers? Have the same people have been too close to the copy for too long? Are potential customers struggling to understand your value proposition?


Throughout my career I’ve been parachuted in (or parachuted myself in) to diagnose problems, establish solutions and execute to success. I see issues and opportunities from multiple different angles, and I have a broad network of experts I turn to for creative brainstorming and referrals.

I can support you with:

  • Strategy planning and execution

  • Facilitating executive workshops and creative brainstorming

  • Undertaking customer and stakeholder feedback

  • Researching technological and competitive trends, and other impacts

  • Identifying operating constraints and recommending partners and platforms

  • Reviewing and editing investor presentations and external copy

  • One-on-one business coaching